About Us...

With over 15 years experience in the industry and hundreds of clients, Be Seen Street Team is a modern and fresh approach to the centuries old practice of poster and street marketing. We provide printing, planning and distribution packages that target the audience needed for your campaign. We provide services to every street pole, coffee shop, campus and everywhere in between



Inglewood is a cozy community with a lot of character. Popular with a more mature crowd, it sees 25,000+ people every day.

Why Postering?

Other Areas

We can also customize your promotional campaigns and reach out to a number of campuses and malls all over Calgary.

Postering is a highly effective way of reaching a mass or targeted market at a low cost per impression. Companies large and small have used us to spread the word about their service or product.

Why does Postering work? Postering allows you to target your audience as they go about their daily lives. It is a tried and tested advertising medium that starts the buzz about your brand.


Areas We Poster...


Kensington has a little more of an eclectic feel with a number of independent shops and restaurants, close to campuses, it sees approximately 35,000+ people every day.


17th Avenue SW

17th Avenue SW is definitely one of Calgary's busiest areas. With a large number of restaurants, pubs and shopping, it sees 50,000+ people everyday.